SYMC Day 1 in Review

Wow. I wasn't expecting today to be as awesome as it was. Don't get me wrong, I expected it to be sweet, but it outshot my expectations.

Brandon Early,, led the two technology workshops I went to, and I learned so much. New products, programs, apps, websites, and gizmos that will help bolster the ministry of theSWITCH. Whether its how we communicate with parents and students, to how we do our big events, I've learned some super cool stuff that I can't wait to show our students.

At the opening main session Shane and Shane led worship. These guys are fantastic, such good singers, great musicians, and wonderful worship leaders.

Francis Chan was the keynote speaker tonight. He made us laugh quite a bit but also think, mainly about the concept of taking time to breathe. He encouraged us to not worry about being away from our ministries, especially on Sunday, and to take this opportunity to refresh and reconnect with God. After all, our ministries belong to God, he is the one that saves lives, not us. We work to disciple our students to him, not ourselves.

Today was very encouraging, I feel great. I can't wait for the rest of the weekend!