SYMC Day 2 in Review

So day 2, holy cow. What a whirlwind! I started the day off in Chap Clark's track on practical theology. In the first session we discussed the need to live and think theologically, focusing on practicality and proper interpretation of scripture. The second session was all about evangelism and how we teach and train our students to communicate the Gospel; communicating being the 'art of being understood'. Great stuff.

At the morning general session Craig Gross, the dude who runs, spoke. He shared a story about how his house was robbed, despite the neighborhood watch and his promise to his son that they would be fine. Only after they were robbed did they turn their alarm system on, get new locks, install motion sensing lights and cameras. The point he made using this story was this: don't wait until the enemy comes to rob us to 'install' security measures. In other words, as pastors and leaders of the church, we need to be especially careful that we protect ourselves before Satan tries to take us out....which he will. Don't wait until your marriage, job, family, and/or life is destroyed to protect yourself, start today. The enemy will attack, are we prepared?

I also checked out the Blogger's Q&A session led by Josh Griffin, Jon Acuff, Tim Schmoyer, and Terrace Crawford...all stud men and bloggers. Lots learned here, hopefully you'll see it as this blog goes on.

Jon Acuff, my newest favorite dude, spoke at the night general session and killed it. His mixture of humor, insight, wisdom, and practicality made it easy to listen and understand his message: don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle. Be content with where God has you and know that he is not surprised by who and where you are.

We closed the night off with some live comedy from the Skit Guys who are fantastic.

I'd love to write more...and will in the coming days but my next session is about to start, got to run!