SYMC Day 1 Preview

So today is the first day of SYMC and I am stoked. We arrived last night to the Galt House Hotel and it is HUGE. We had dinner at the Bristol Bar and Grille, I recommend the burger...they use an English muffin for the bun, very tasty. Today looks like an exploration day until the technology workshops begin. I'll be checking out the game zone (there is some game called Hantis that is apparently all the rage), the book store and the ministry partner booths. I really enjoyed these areas last year and am looking forward to meeting lots of new people and discovering some new resources.

The technology workshops, led by Brandon Early, should be awesome. They were super helpful last year and I suspect they will be again. Brandon is a tech guru and he always gives away free stuff!!

Tonight at the opening session Shane & Shane will be leading worship (yes please!) and Francis Chan will be speaking. I'm not sure what he will be discussing, but I'm interested to see how he connects with youth ministry.

If you're going to be around the Hub or at the technology workshops today I'd love to meet you.

Review from today coming later.