FinishYear Update

So here's my progress thus far on my FinishYear goals.  (If you don't know what FinishYear is click here.)  

Write 3 blog post a week

   Success.  I posted 5 last week and 4 the week before that. Write 1 Article submission a month

  No dice on this one for March.  But I've got some ideas so it will happen in April. Write 1 book proposal

   Worked a little on this one this month.  Needs more time and clarification but I'm confident I'll get this done this year.

Read 1 book a month, minimum

   So far so good.  1 down this month with potentially 2 more finished this week.  I love that I'm reading a lot again.

Lose 15 pounds

   I've lost 10 thus far, which is incredible for 2 weeks.  So I'm going to bump this goal up to 30 pounds. Write 1 Curriculum proposal

I've got a potential candidate or two for his goal.  I'm still working on them but should be able to submit them after the summer if all goes well.

How are you doing on your FinishYear goals?  It's never too late to join the party!

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