More Than Dodgeball - Book Review

I just finished 'More Than Dodgeball - Where Youth Ministry is More Than Entertainment' by Josh Griffin. This book is a collection of some seriously good ideas, encouragements, warnings, and exhortations to youth workers everywhere.  It is an extension of his youth ministry blog, a blog I read almost everyday.


This book is only 92 pages long, so it made for a quick read, but the section on volunteers and team leadership is worth more than the cover price alone.  Josh, who is a super cool dude, shares from his many, many years of experience on the best and worst ways to lead, recruit, train, and love your volunteer team.  This is an area I always feel inadequate in, so this section made the book for me.  I've got practical, applicable ways to become better at leading my team.


Youth pastors and volunteers alike should read this book.  People who think youth pastors have the easiest job ever and wonder what we do all week should read this book.  You can buy it here. $7.99 for the e-book and $9.99 for the hard copy. Buy it, read it, share it.  You'll be glad you did.

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