Today I Turn 1!

Well ladies and gentlemen we've made it.  Today is the day that aNewGravity turns 1.  It's been quite the year. Here are some stats to try and quantify just what happened the first year:


Total Views: 3,283

This works out to roughly 9/day and 63/week


Busiest day was March 23rd, 2o11.

This was also the first day of the blog.


Busiest full month was July 2011

Slowest full month was October 2011


This post is the 151st post.

There have been 30 comments made on the previous 150 posts.  Which works out to 1 comment every 5 posts.


Let me say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this blog, I really hope it has encouraged you, made you laugh, and made you think.


Here's to another year!