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Brief Thoughts On Minimalism

What it takes to be a minimalist writer is much less than what it takes to me a minimalist surgeon. A writer needs a pen and paper, the surgeon requires many more tools. So minimalism isn't about the number of things required but about the idea: "what I need and nothing more."

Clutter slows things down, it muddies the water, it creates burden. I don't like being slowed down, I don't like muddy water, and I don't like being unnecessarily burdened. I want the freedom to act, buoyed by the requisite tools, so I can accomplish the goals at hand.

This is my ideal situation. Only the things I need and nothing more.

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A Designer Who Codes

I’d always wanted to learn to code. I’d dabbled a little bit, but I didn’t know anything about web programming. I also wanted to learn new aspects of user experience design.

I was tired of having ideas and not being able to execute on them myself. I had that creative itch, but I couldn’t quite scratch it.

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