Do You Ever Wonder Why We're All So Different?

Most of my thinking is caught up in why the world is the way it is.  I know, aren't you glad you asked? It's one of those topics that occupies me constantly.  Why are there so many different cultures?  Or languages? Or faiths? Or _________, you fill in the blank.  The world is a mystifying place and the people that live in it even more mystifying.  I get overwhelmed with curiosity and wonder when I think about all the difference there is here.

I'm not sure why I feel this way but I know that it's something that isn't going away.

I wonder what causes cultures to develop like they have.  How can Mexico and the US be so close yet have such drastically different cultures? How can the people groups within those countries have such nuanced and distinct versions of their mother cultures?  Human uniqueness is incredible to me.

Within my own family there are such a wide range of personalities, interests, skills, curiosities, and experiences despite the fact that we all lived in the same house.  It's crazy to me how much difference and uniqueness there is just in the people that you know extremely well, add to that acquaintances, neighbors, distant relatives, and then every other soul on the planet and you might begin to see just how ridiculously large human uniqueness and, therefore, potential is.

What I mean by potential is this: You are the only one of you on the planet.  You are one out of BILLIONS.  There never has been or ever will be someone else like you.  Some look at this as a chance to blend in, to be part of the fabric.  WHY?  God created you uniquely, shouldn't we take joy in that?  Shouldn't we seek to learn more about the uniqueness of others?


I've determined that no matter what I do for work or where I live I'm going to do my best to experience the unique qualities of that culture and those people.  I think you should too.  Don't let life pass you by, enjoy the diversity that God has created!