Made for Community

[tentblogger-vimeo 62197533] As I stated in the video above, I've been thinking about community this week.  Here are some of my thoughts in, hopefully, clearer terms:

God lives in community and so do we. It's how we were designed. Life sucks when you're isolated, even if you're an introvert. Do you ever wonder why they use solitary confinement on prisoners? It's used to rob them of one of the core things that makes them human, community.  We need to be with other people, it's one of the ways that God strengthens our character and teaches us humility.

Are there really any ways to be truly humble without community? I don't think so. It's hard to put others before yourself if there is nobody else. right? God created us to worship him and to live in community; the two things that should breed humility in us at every turn. satan knows this, that's why we see him trying to pervert human community into a breeding ground for pride. Instead of looking to serve others, we look for ways for people to serve our own needs.

This is why Paul, in Philippians 2, is so adamantly encouraging us to be united in mind, heart and purpose!


While these thoughts are incomplete, I hope they clarify what I said in the video.   I'd love to know what you think!