When Motivation Flees Resistance Wins

We've all been there...we've got stuff to do, really important stuff to do...but all we want to do is...nothing.  

We feel the importance of our work and yet we want to veg on the couch, or take a nap, or do something else that accomplishes nothing.


Motivation flees at just the right time, right before we're about to accomplish something positive, true, right, and good.  There's this crazy thing Pressfield calls Resistance.  And honestly it's trying to get me lately...and it sucks.

Resistance is that force that is most strongest when our desire is to do something great.  It is that voice that says, 'we aren't good enough', 'we can wait until tomorrow to start', 'you don't have enough experience to do that', etc.  It's always belittling us and causing us not to pursue our dreams.  Resistance thrives on keeping us in our comfort zone.


I think Resistance comes straight from the enemy.  It's one of the ways he tries to keep us from following after God.  He convinces us that 'normal' is good enough and that only 'super Christians' do the kind of stuff your dreaming up.  After all you've got responsibilities at home, and bills to pay, and kids to put through college...you couldn't afford to make that dream a reality.


When we let the enemy become the voice of reason in our decision making we lose every time.  When we let that voice dictate how we live...we're goners.


It's time to remember that we are made in the image of God, the creator of the universe.  The one who spoke and breathed out stars, and planets, and you, and me.  We are made with an innate desire to create and to dream.  When we give in to Resistance, when motivation flees, we are not living in that image.  We are but shells of ourselves.


We need to create, we need to do, we need to dream.


Don't buy into the lie that all creativity and dreaming is artsy.  It's not.  Everyone is creative.  Everyone has dreams.  Dig deep into yourself and remember your dreams, rediscover your creativity.  You have to.