What's Your Central Park?

In exactly 23 days my wife and I will be moving into our first home.  And one of the many benefits of moving into this home will be the ability to lay in my hammock any hour of the day, any day of the year.  You see my hammock is my oasis, my escape from the world and at the apartment complex we currently live in there is no place to hang my hammock.  I don't have my escape.


This idea, of escape, or retreat from the busyness of life isn't just a physical retreat, it can and should be a spiritual one as well.

Recently I was re-listening to a breakout session by Jon Acuff from SYMC and in that session he asked us why Central Park was still around.  After all, it is a huge park in the middle of Manhattan taking up some of the most expensive real estate in the country.  So why is it still there?

Acuff's answer was simple, 'because New York needs it.  New York would eat itself alive with out it.'  It's their oasis from the chaos of life.  It's a sea of green in the midst of their concrete jungle.


Hearing this again was a great reminder to me.  Though I have been robbed of my physical retreat, my hammock, have I been robbing myself of time with God by not taking spiritual retreats?  Do I have a Central Park built into my life?  A place I can go in the midst of everyday life to be with God?  And if I don't, am I willing to knock down some buildings to create that space?


What is your 'Central Park'?  Or what 'buildings' might you have to knock down in order to create that space?


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