The Purpose of Beauty

We all like things that are beautiful.  Whether its a person, a sunset, a work of art, etc.  But have you ever stopped to wonder why we like beautiful stuff?

It may seem like a dumb question, with an answer as simple as 'because it's beautiful', but I think there's more to it than that.

It is my opinion that beauty reminds us of God, whether consciously or unconsciously.  Beauty is a spiritually charged matter.  We live in a universe that was completely and wholly created by God for the purpose of communicating his glory, majesty, and yes, beauty.  So when we see that beautiful sunset over the ocean, the coral reefs under the sea, the snow covered tips of the rockies, we are reminded of the beauty of our creator.


Our ability to create beautiful paintings, buildings, cars, etc is a direct reminder of the creativity of our creator.


So the next time you see or experience something beautiful, take a moment to remember what beauty is meant to reflect, namely, God.  Thank him for choosing to create beautiful things and for the most beautiful act of all time, the death, burial, and resurrection of his son Jesus.


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