Vacation Thought #5

I'm reading through 'King's Cross' by Tim Keller right now and to this point I am very impressed.  The man knows what he is talking about. I'll give a full review when I finish, but I wanted to share a thought about the chapter I am currently reading.
The chapter is all about the scene from Mark's Gospel when Jesus calms the storm from the swiftly flooding boat.  Keller makes a connection between the power of the storm and the power of Jesus and I think he is definitely on to something. The storm was most certainly, based on the disciples' reaction, a total beast. When fishermen think they are about to die, you can be sure its a stom for the ages. So its clear, Keller says, that the storm had immense power.  And then in the midst of the chaos Jesus simply says, 'Quiet, be still'.  That's right, he speaks to a storm...and here's the kicker, it listened!  The wind dies and so do the waves, from epic storm to water color painting in 3 words...that does not happen, EVER! Unless of course you're Jesus and like the storm you have immense power.  Keller goes on to discuss other things in the chapter but this is the point not to be missed: if Jesus is God then he has pure, unbridled, and infinite power; more power than a hurricane to be sure. What's more, that power is coupled with endless love and wisdom.  The squall that is God, unlike the squall that day on the Sea of Galilee, has the ability to love and guide and frighten all at the same time.  For it says during the storm the disciples were 'afraid' but afterwards they were 'terrified'. 
When is the last time you were honestly terrified by what and who God is? I think its time we stopped pretending God is safe and realize that he is at the same time love and wrath as well as peace and chaos.  He is beyond definition and he will not fit in any box we try to put him in. He is God and he is awesome.