Vacation Thought #4

Creation is beautiful, but if the sentence stops there then there is no point.  Beauty for beauty's sake is pointless.  It is true that beautiful things strike awe and wonder into us, but that awe and wonder should be had when one considers who made that beautiful thing and not the thing itself.
For example, the mountains I am currently living on/staring at are with out a doubt beautiful and awe inspiring, however if my awe stops at the mountains then I have missed the point of their beauty. The beauty of anything truly beautiful is meant to cause us to be awestruck by the one who created it and not by the thing alone. Certainly being filled with wonder at the mountains or ocean is not wrong but refusing to see the imense creativity and awesomeness of God in those things is.
In Romans 1 Paul says that people are without excuse about the knowledge of God's existence because his eternal power and divine nature have been made abundantly clear through his creation.
Creation sings of God's glory and his majesty, I think it's time we started listening to the symphony.