theSWITCH in Review: #2

Date: June 3rd

Theme for the night: Sophomores Own theSWITCH.  Everything that happened at theSWITCH was planned out by the Sophomore class.  They did the welcome, opening prayer and announcements.  They also chose the game, which was a lot of fun.

Game: Ninja Feet.  I stole this game from Brandon Early.  It's a round by round elimination game that's won by stomping on your opponents feet.  The ladies dominated this week.

Lesson: 'Booty, God, Booty...and Central Park'.  A one-off study on how we tend to fracture our lives, giving parts to God while keeping parts to ourselves, as well as the need for having a set place and time to get away from the chaos of life to be with God.

These ideas were borrowed from Jon Acuff's breakout session on the creative process at SYMC '12.

The take home portion of the lesson was a card that called the student to identify their 'central park' (place of retreat to meet with God) and to identify when they will hang out with God there.

Worship Songs:

Everlasting God

No One Like You

From the Inside Out

(We went a little old school this week)

Overall Thoughts:  The discussion was great and students seemed to connect with the lesson.  The more I learn the more I realize that strong illustrations and visuals go a LONG way in enhancing the communication of biblical truth.  Thanks again go to Jon Acuff for coming up with the phrase 'booty, God, booty', its definitely an unforgettable way to communicate how we try to keep God out of certain areas in our lives.    I'm looking forward to next week when our freshmen Own theSWITCH.

Question: How has spending time alone with God on a regular basis strengthened your relationship with him?