How Evernote keeps me sane

Evernote is a fantastic writing, note taking, archiving app for pretty much any device you have.  You can get it on Andriod, iOS, your PC, and on the web.  It's fully integrated into Google Chrome, and there are a ton of cool add-ons and spin offs as well.  (Web-clipper is sweet)

It is a monster.  Brandon Early wrote this post on his top 10 reasons for loving Evernote, check it out here.


Now that you know his top 10 reasons, here's one more:  This website allows you to back up your Wordpress blog posts, your Tweets, your Instagram photos, your Facebook posts, your Flikr photos, your Pocket articles, and so much more to your Evernote account.

So every time I take a photo on Instagram, say like this one, it gets saved to my Evernote account.  I personally only choose to back up my blog posts, my tweets and my Instagram pics.

Evernote also allows me to take photos with my phone and save them directly to a specific notebook...the kicker, the text in those photos is then searchable.  Don't want to write down all the junk on the whiteboard after a meeting?  Take a pic of it with Evernote and boom, you're done.

I write all my youth ministry lessons in Evernote now, so if I want to reference something I taught a year ago but can't remember exactly what I said, I can search key terms and find exactly what I want in a matter of seconds.  You can't do that with Word or Pages.


For anyone who's an idea person, a writer, a to-do lister, or just plain forgetful, Evernote is a must.

Oh yea, it's free too!


Question: How do you use Evernote?


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