The Limeade Blast Battery Pack: Review


If you know anything about my nerdy tendencies than you know I love portable storage and power. After all, what good is your content if you can't access it when you want?? So today I want to share with you my solution for portable power: The Limeade Blast L 180X. The Apple sticker was my addition.


  •  Heavy duty. Could definitly shatter a window if you threw it at one...not suggesting this just saying, in a pinch, it could get the job done nicely.
  • Powers a lot of different devices


  • Easily receives charge via micro-USB port. You can also charge your devices while charging the battery.
  • Has 2 output USB ports, 1 1.0A and 1 2.1A. The 2.1A port charges your stuff crazy fast and you can charge 2 devices at once. Efficiency friends, it's a wonderful thing!


  •  It's decently small, considering all the power it has: 18000 mAh. That's 1.4 hours for full recharge of iPhone 5 and 3.3 hours for full recharge of iPad 2.

For size reference.


  •  Heavy. While this does help with the window breaking scenario mentioned earlier, it is definitely the 2nd or 3rd heaviest thing in my bag after my laptop and perhaps a thick hardcover book.
  • Price. At $75 there are certainly cheaper options, however, they don't charge your devices as quickly.
  • I bought the wrong color...stupid me.
  • The flashlight...why? Ok, now I'm just getting picky.

All in all, the Limeade Blast L 180X is a great little power pack for my USB powered devices (iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPod Classic, GoPro Hero2, etc) which makes it a must have in my bag, especially when I travel. It receives charge very quickly, and charges devices quickly. I'll tolerate the weight because it does it's job very well.

If you're in the market for a portable battery pack I'd suggest you check out the different Limeade Blast models, I'm sure you'll find one that fits your budget and power needs.

PS. That is NOT an affiliate link and I will NOT make any money if you purchase a Limeade Blast. I recommend this product simply becuase I find it very useful and think you might as well.