Fellow Humans: We Don't Know What We're Doing

I think the number of self-help and productivity books available to us should be a warning of a problem plaguing the human race:

we don't know what we're doing.

At best we're figuring it out as we go...at worst we don't even care. It's even harder to know what's true and right and honorable today because everything is becoming, or has already become, relative and loaded with double standards. For example, you're considered open-minded if you believe that marijuana and gay marriage should be legalized but if you don't then you're considered close-minded. I find it laughable that people who call themselves 'open-minded' because of their 'progressive' thoughts on these issues are just as closed-minded as people who think that marijuana and gay marriage should not be legal.

Both parties have their beliefs, and both think the opposing party is wrong. Why is one more 'open-minded', and therefore 'progressive', than the other? I would wager that 'progression' and 'regression' are much more similar than we'd like to believe.

I would be much more symapthetic to those who hold an opposing view of mine if we both admitted that the 'open-minded'/'close-minded' rhetoric is loaded, and that we both cling to a set of beliefs that are at odds with one another. On top of this, it would be MAGNIFICENT if we could both admit, 'hey, you know what, we're both trying to figure out what is really important, what Truth is, and how we fit into this thing called life'.

I would love a conversation that started from a place like this, even if after the conversation, both parties still did not agree. The point is that we started from a place of mutual understanding and, hopefully, respect. I'll gladly admit that I can learn a lot from other people, my experience is limited...but I would also hope that I can teach others a lot about what I have experienced and what I know to be true.

I know a few things...but that doesn't mean that I know what I'm doing. And the same most likely applies to you. Let's join on that common ground and start our discussions/debates from there. I've had enough of labeling and attacking people before you get to know them...even though this is much easier to do.

All of this to say, we humans are complex and complicated. Our beliefs and morals are deeper and messier than we care to admit and we don't like being told we are wrong...especially at a young age, when life is still so unknown. Let's lose the 'us vs. them' mentality and start to converse in the middle, where tension is high and compromise is a must.

Because here's the deal: we have to live together...why not do so with a better understanding of one another?

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