Senior Night with pics!

Last night was the Senior's night to Own theSWITCH...and own it they did.  It was a fantastic night run 100% by the seniors.  They worked together as a group, quite well I must say, to design the entire night to their specifications.  They brought tasty snacks for everyone (bonus!), had greeters, did announcements, read scripture, lead worship, and then introduced us to water balloon capture the flag...which was fantastically wet.  Side note, as the youth pastor you always have a target on your back...or face in situations like these.  So it should come as no surprise that I was repeatedly attacked with water balloons and got the National Championship winning coach bath at least 2 times. I'm very proud of our Senior's for doing a great job last night and making it a great environment to be in.  But I am most proud of the fact that they decided to make sure that God was praised and honored throughout the night.  This is a really good group of kids and I'm glad they were able to lead the underclassmen in a God honoring way last night.

Check out the slide show for pictures from last night to get a glimpse of what went down!