Pics from New Orleans

Well, we're back.  I'm very, very tired but the exhaustion is worth it.  We worked hard, but we played hard too.  Lots of dominoes, cards, Risk...and Michael Jackson.  Seriously, if I hear 'Beat It' 1 more time in the next 2 months my head might explode. The most encouraging part of the trip to me was hearing the student's thoughts on the week as we debriefed the last night we were there.  I heard in their stories that 'light bulb' turning on and that to me is EVERYTHING. When I hear a student say, 'you know, I think I'm starting to see what following Jesus is all about' I can't help but dance...I know, scary thought, so I usually just do it in my head; I don't want to scare the children or pull a muscle.

But the excitement I feel about student's making the conscious decision to follow after Jesus harder gets me so pumped because they are finally opening up to God who has been patiently waiting for them.  I know people can get on a spiritual high on mission's trips, and we talked with the students about that, but man, I am so excited to see how this trip impacts the lives of those students who were with us.

There will be more to come on this trip as I process through what happened and my own feelings about the trip.  For now, take a look at some pics from the trip...hopefully lots more to come!