My Echo 2012 Schedule

Echo offers up quite the choice when it comes to break out sessions, you should check them out here. I've been debating over the choices for days and here is the run-down of where I'll be at the next few days:


Session 1:  Growing Pains: Building Your Creative Team for the Future by Kevin Ely and Beth Johnson

Session 2: Building a Product That Matters by John Saddington

Session 3: Creating a Visual Atmosphere by Jonathan Malm

Session 4: From Noise to Signal: Choosing the Right Medium(s) for Your Message by Scott McClellan

Session 5: Design: Organized Chaos by Barton Damer OR How To Use Creativity to Close the Chasm by Carlos Whitaker

Session 6: Designing a Brand: How Details Make a Difference by Jeff Sheldon


If you're going to be at Echo or in any of these sessions look me up!

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