ECHO 2012!!


I'm headed off to the scorching hot city of Dallas today for the Echo 2012 conference....and I'm super pumped about it! Echo is all about how we use graphics, design, media, technology and story telling to augment traditional ways of sharing the Gospel.


The keynote speakers this year are Tony Hale (Buster from Arrested Development!!), Todd Henry, Scott Williams, and Todd Wagner.  Other super cool people who will be there: John Saddington, Barton Damer, Jeff Sheldon, Jeff Goins, Carlos Whitaker, Brad Zimmerman, Cameron Ware, Kevin Ely, and Jonathan name just a few.


The conference begins tomorrow and rolls on through until Friday at noon.  It's going to be non-stop awesome sauce.  I'm excited to learn from these great, knowledgeable people.  I'm such a rookie in this realm it's not even funny.


I will try to blog updates from the conference but I make no promises.


What place do you think graphic design, media, and technology have in the Church?