Anticipating Her Return

I just dropped my wife off at the airport along with 11 others.  They are headed to Ethiopia for 12 days.  This will be my wife's second time there but her first time without me.  She's an independent woman, so I'm not concerned, in fact I think she's going to do great, but she was a little anxious about going without me. She really does.

And I'll admit, it did feel nice to know that she'd rather go with me than without me but I can't wait to hear how much she enjoyed it without me.  There is something special about experiencing things together as a couple, the memories that you make. But there is something equally as special as making memories by yourself and sharing the story with your spouse.

I can't wait for her to come back and tell me the stories, show me the pictures, and relay the emotions she felt. It will be so cool to watch her as she recaps it for me. To watch her eyes, her smile, the color of her cheeks.

There is just something inherently special about watching the person you love recount stories that impacted them so greatly. I cherish the thought that in 13 days I will have the opportunity to have my wife tell me, in her own unique way, just what her time in Ethiopia was like.  And while my time here in Gardner, KS won't be nearly as exciting, I know that she'll want to know every detail of what I did while she was gone.

So until then I'll wait.  I'll get work done, I'll hang out with friends, I'll play guitar, and I'll write. But I can't wait to sit down across the table from her and hear her tell her stories. It'll be like I was there with her...but better.