40 Things I’ve Learned Thus Far In Life

  1. No one knows what they are doing.
  2. Grammar matters.
  3. People are people, regardless of color or status.
  4. We all hurt.
  5. No one wants to fail.
  6. We are blessed to live on Earth.
  7. Food is wonderful…
  8. …So is drink
  9. There will never be peace until Christ comes back.
  10. People will always let you down but not before you let yourself down.
  11. I am a creature of habit.
  12. People matter.
  13. Reading is a good hobby to have.
  14. We watch too much TV.
  15. Most people are too afraid to follow their dreams.
  16. Penmanship is a lost art to most of us.
  17. Our desire to be entertained thoroughly outweighs our desire to work.
  18. Luckily the work that gets done still manages to keep the world afloat.
  19. The differences in our generations make complete sense.
  20. Hurricanes and earthquakes suck.
  21. Africa never got a fair shake and probably never will.
  22. America is not the greatest country, but it will continually tell you that it is.
  23. Most adults are still children.
  24. We are completely over-sexed and it is doing severe damage.
  25. The Detroit Lions will never be consistently good.
  26. We enjoy apocalyptic TV and movies, meaning we are entertained by our own demise…this is messed up.
  27. Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith deserve each other.
  28. Soccer is an incredible game. Get on board America.
  29. Family is the best part of living.
  30. Music soothes the soul.
  31. Emotion is not overrated.
  32. Apple charges way too much for their products but I still buy them.
  33. I married a great woman.
  34. Fall and Winter are better than Summer and Spring.
  35. Creative is an adjective, not a noun.
  36. Social Media proves that we all want to be known but that we are frightened to be so.
  37. Detroit doesn’t quit.
  38. Turn your phone off. Being unavailable is a good thing.
  39. Writing is therapy and will help you sleep.
  40. Congress is full of children.
LifeCam Brennan