Front End Developer

Sawmill Design

At Sawmill Design I code dynamic web applications, assist in the development of concept designs, and handle the nitty-gritty work of application maintenance and tweaking. I have the privilege of learning directly from an expert and each day is an opportunity to hone my craft and to do so in a great atmosphere. 

See our work.

Big Wig

Super Mega Corp

I own and operate a network of Podcasts and Blogs known as Super Mega Corp. What started as one podcast at the beginning of 2015 has grown into 4 Podcasts and 2 Blogs, with more on the horizon. I work with the hosts and authors to provide new and great content each and every week. I also handle the hosting, website design and maintenance, and all of the editing, both audio and copy.

Super Mega Corp is a view into my world, I hope you like it.

Family Man

Married to Meredith
Dad to Kennedy

These 2 ladies are the reason I go to work at Sawmill during the day and why I stay up late working on Super Mega Corp. They push me to be my best, just by smiling. I love them both and am beyond glad that I get to be a part of their lives.