Worrying Sucks


I'm reading through a short book entitled, '99 Questions Jesus Asked' by Jason Ostrander.  The premise is to work our way through 99 questions that Jesus asked, what points he was trying to make by asking those questions and what they mean to us today.  Pretty neat idea. Question #2 is from Matthew 6.27, "Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?"

It's a pretty good question, especially when you consider what points Jesus might be making by asking this question.

Worry implies that we don't have control over something and we're not ok with it.  We're not ok with somebody else controlling the outcome of certain situations, even if that somebody is God.  In some situations then, we can see how worry is directly related to a lack of trust in God.

Now some of you might say, hey now, it's not that simple.  And you may be right, life is complicated and complex, and the factors that might cause us to worry are numerous.  But as Ostrander points out, 'One of Jesus' primary objectives here on earth was to constantly direct our eyes away from those things we have no control over (the created) to the one who has all of the control (the Creator).'

What would it look like in your life to replace worry with worship?  I know, seems like a super churchy response, but lets think about it for a second.  We know we have no control over creation, only God does.  So why waste our time worrying about that which we can never control?  Why not redeem that time by worshipping the only one who does have control?

In theory I think we'd all agree with this.  The issue comes when we try to actually do this. Go ahead and make a list of the things that you think you can control, then make a list of the things you know you can't control.  Did you find anything on the second list that is outside of God's scope?  Didn't think so.

I realize how difficult this switch can be, I struggle with this. But I'd much rather learn to trust God more and more than spend my time worrying.  Worrying sucks, I'd like to remove it from my life and I'm pretty sure God wants to as well.


What can you do to encourage worship instead of worry in your own life?