Work, Wait, Work Some More

Waiting isn't fun, but it is necessary.

Waiting is not glamorous or really exciting but most of life isn't really glamorous is it? It's the little, seemingly 'insignificant' moments of our lives that really make the bigger ones possible.  And in today's culture it has become so easy to see all of the big moments in other peoples lives via social media that we can begin to wonder why our life isn't 'like that'.

It's not healthy.

When we compare our everyday lives to the big moments in the lives of others we can significantly screw ourselves up. Social media is great at promoting the highlights and not the mundane. We see the wedding photos and none of the behind the scenes effort it takes to make that relationship work. When we compare our normal to someone elses best we're doomed to feel insignificant and worthless.

Stop comparing.

I'm not going to suggest we quit social media, though it's not a terrible thought. What I am going to suggest is that we stop comparing our normal to someone elses best. If we want to do something great, something meaningful, something worthwhile we're going to have to spend a lot of time doing the mundane, non-glorious work. That stuff HAS to be done in order to make something great. But we won't have the drive to see our project through to the end if we trick ourselves into thinking that everyone else has it easy or better.

If we want to do something worthwhile we have to be willing to work hard for it, to delay gratification (sometimes for years), and to commit to the goal despite the non-glamorous nature of the grunt work.

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