Why You Should Read Center Church by Tim Keller

1. It's not about the church model that Redeemer Pres. uses, in fact there isn't one they use. 2. It is about creating a theological vision for ministry, the place where orthodoxy and orthopraxy meet.

3. It is focused on helping you do balanced, gospel centered ministry in your city.

4. Keller is a smart, smart, smart man.

5. It defines what the gospel is AND what it isn't.

6. It shows how grace impacts ministry to keep it from legalism and cold intellectualism.

7. It tells us we need to encourage our culture where it can be encouraged but also to critique our culture where it needs critiquing.

8. It reminds us preaching is most effective not when the pastor is a charismatic speaker, or uses clips from popular movies, but when he understands the hearts and culture of the people so well that listeners feel the force of the sermon's reasoning, even if in the end they don't agree with it.

9. It is about the redemption of the city.

10. It is about mission and community.

11. It is all about honoring God by doing ministry that is full of grace.


You can buy a copy of Center Church here.