Why the disconnect?

Learning that I'm not the only youth pastor who struggles with putting a high priority on their own spiritual maintenance and growth is nice. It certainly makes me feel like less of an aberration, but it raises a tough question, why do youth pastors struggle with this?  Why the disconnect?Most books written about the development of youth pastors have entire chapters devoted to explaining that taking care of ones own soul and spiritual development should be a top priority.  So this problem is not hidden and it certainly isn't new.  But it is still a prevailing issue, especially among young pastors. I've got to think its an amalgamation of a few issues: high pressure placed on the youth pastor by the church, poor preparation by universities, and the undying notion that we don't have any problems or that our problems aren't as big as the problems we are trying to fix in our youth ministry or our students. Its frustrating to think that people who are devoted to teaching scripture and living a christian life as an example to students aren't doing enough for themselves to ensure that they are in fact following hard after God and being a true example of what a follower of Christ is.

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