Where have I been??

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If you've noticed a lull in my posts here it is because I'm trying to adjust to my new work schedule. I'm the newest intern at WP Daily. And of course I'm still rocking the youth pastor gig as well, so my days have become very full to say the least. I've been given many responsibilities and they take a lot of time and brain power. Let me be clear, I am NOT complaining. I'm actually ecstatic about the job and the potential it has. I am, however, a little disappointed in myself for not staying on top of my own blog during these last two weeks.

It hasn't been for a lack of ideas or things to say. It's been due to a lack of time management, which is itself a lack of discipline...and that is just frustrating.

On the other hand, one of the benefits of not posting lately is that I've had the time to think about the future of this blog. One of the things that I've concluded is that this blog needs a focus. It has served as nothing but a dump for my thoughts over the last two years.  Which is not the end of the world but the lack of topical consistency has been staggering.

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And while youth ministry has been a focus of sorts that was only due to the fact that I am a youth pastor.  I realized a few months in that a Youth Ministry focused blog was not what I wanted.

This blog also needs to be cleaned up on the backend in major ways: categories, SEO, security, pages, etc. I plan on doing this cleanup over the next few days, with the intent of finishing by the start of next week. I also plan on announcing the new direction of this blog on Monday. I'm really excited about this.

So please stay tuned for what's coming!