What Is Worth Our Effort

Determining what one is supposed to do with one’s life is puzzling. How do we narrow down the possibilities? What is worth our time, effort, frustration, dedication?

What is the purpose we wish to serve?

Determining what this purpose is may seem like a feat itself but this is just the beginning. Once we've found our purpose then we must actually see it through. Day after day, devoted to the cause. Committed to see it through to the end.

The idea that our work requires devotion *every day* can be paralyzing. Those of us who do good work, however, are not daunted by such a realization. Rather those people are exhilerated by such a task.

These people can ask the question: What is worth my daily effort?

And respond by saying, “This. This work is worth my daily effort.”

Fear Not.

This is the place that I feel like I am approaching…slowly. Realizing what I am truly good at, what gifts and talents God has blessed me with. I’m beginning to not fear success anymore, I’m beginning to not be paralyzed by the day-to-day effort it takes to do what God has called me to do.

I’m learning, I’m growing up. I have far to go but I’m not scared like I used to be. Still timid, yes. But no longer paralyzed by what could be.

I look at my unknown future and realize that God knows what it is. I’m becoming much more accepting of this, that I don’t have to know the details, I just need to trust God for my day to day provisions. I still struggle with wanting to be in control, but I know that those thoughts are there to keep me paralyzed.

I am excited to arrive at the day where I can say with confidence, “This. This is the work that God has called me to see through to the end. This is worth my effort.”

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