What a weird job

Today I, along with my co-workers, attended a Pastor's Luncheon at a NICE country club.  We had steak for lunch and an Ancient Languages Scholar spoke.  Most everyone was dressed up nicely with their suit jackets and ties, I of course had on the youth pastor equivalent...a polo shirt and jeans.  As we sat there and listened to this Scholar talk about the validity of Scripture and how that should encourage us and the people who call our churches home, I just couldn't help but think that I have a really weird job.  I mean think about it for a second, I get paid to teach from a book that not everybody believes is authentic, let alone important or true, about a God that not everybody believes in or even acknowledges the existence of. It just makes me wonder, why did God leave us to spread the Gospel?!  Jesus was doing a much better job.  Granted he was God, so he knew what was up, but still, me??  It baffles my mind that God would entrust me with such an important responsibility and it completely puzzles me that most people could care less about the Bible, God, and their own existence.  Is that lack of eternal curiosity our fault as pastors for not effectively communicating the glory of God or are people really that dense and/or uninterested?

Not really sure what the point of this post is, I guess you could say I'm feeling the weight of the decisions my students will or won't make and it concerns me that some of them aren't concerned with following God.  I get that following God means we have to put his will before our own, and I know that doing that is hard.  But really, its not like God is making us do crazy, impossible things.  I think our expectations of God and the Christian life are screwed up to the point where I think a lot of Christians don't think their crap smells and that God should be happy to have them in his corner.

More than anything I want to put God first and I want my students to do the same.  I want them to be concerned with eternity and to know that God is the truth.

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