What a day!

Today is Easter.  A day full of hope, celebration, worship, and thankfulness.  God is beyond good.  I feel such joy today, Christ is risen from the grave!!  This changes everything.  Jesus died so we could live and the older I get the more that seems unfair and awesome at the same time.  I wish I could express how I feel when I think about that but I'm not sure I can...I just feel good.  And today I feel especially good.  Thanks be to the God of the universe that he sent his Son Jesus to the earth so that we might be able to know God and live. My hope is that your Easter celebration does not end today, but continues everyday as we learn to live in the light of the new life we have been given in and through Jesus Christ.  Everyday is a new day to know God deeper and live out his will.  May we take the momentum and hope we feel this day and carry it out throughout the rest of our days on this earth, to God be the glory.