Vacation Thought #7

Today I went on a 9 mile hike and I learned a few things, some more important than others.
1. Getting past tree line is awesome but absolutely exhausting.
2. As hard as today was I'm pretty sure the half marathon in October will be worse.
3. Mountains from a far are massive and majestic.  Their sheer size is imposing and their beauty is undeniable.  But what is even cooler is that as you climb higher and higher the mountains do not lose their massiveness or their majesty.  In fact at 12000 feet the mountains I saw today were still huge and still gorgeous.  The only difference between up close at 12000 feet and from a far at 7000 is the amount of detail.
I can't help but see a correlation here with God. From a far God is undeniably massive and majestic and like the mountains the closer you get the more details you see, but the immeasurable size and beauty do not shrink.  If anything the more details you know of God the bigger and more beautiful he becomes.