Post Vacation Grades: I Passed!

Before I left for vacation I wrote a post explaining how I wanted to 'make the most' of it. Upon some reflection here's how I did, on a scale of 0-10:

Reading = 8

I did meet my goal of finishing 2 books but they were not the books I intended to read, so I've still got those to finish. I read 'The Bootstrappers Bible' by Seth Godin which was delightful and full of goodness, I recommend it. I also read 'The Cure' by John Lynch which I would have never read based on the tagline and the design but it was given to me by a family friend so I gave it a shot.

As it turns out, in this case anyways, judging a book by its cover is indeed a bad move. The Cure was fantastic, made me laugh and cry and own up to some serious stuff. I have no doubt God got ahold of me a bit more because of that book.

Nap = 6

I had a hard time judging this one simply because I slept so long and so well at night that naps were few and far between during the day. I did however get in a lot of relaxation time which is the next best thing to a nap when you're wanting to recharge. So despite the low score I did make sure that rest and relaxation were a primary endeavor each day.

Eat Well = 10

I ate like a champ, even when the food wasn't the best. Camp food is hit or miss, so each meal at camp was an unknown. One night dinner was great the next night...not so much.  But I ate. When we did go out to eat I did splurge a bit too, especially on the beer. Colorado has so many wonderful breweries, we may have stopped 1 or 6.

Try One Thing I Wouldn't Normally Do = 7

Bishop's Castle. asnvaounaor;f;sda.  That place freaks me out. I don't do heights, especially when it's a handmade castle that doesn't even come close to sniffing construction code. It's an amazing spectacle, don't get me wrong, but I'd rather not die when it all crumbles down. So naturally I followed my wife and our friend almost to the top.

My knees were shaking, I was taking note of every reason this was a terrible idea and then I stopped when the thing we were standing on started swaying with the wind. That's when I headed for solid ground. My wife and our friend however were up there for an eternity. Clearly I'm the wuss but I'm ok with that. I gave myself a 7 because in hind sight I regret not going all the way to the top, I was so close, I should have just done it!

Bishop's Castle

Meet New People = 10

I played nice at camp and was actually social. I met a few new people and made a pretty good connection with a dude named Steve. He's a blogger, used Standard by 8BIT and we went to the same University. It's funny how small the world can be sometimes. It was also nice to spend time with people I hadn't seen in a couple of years.

That gives me a very arbitrary vacation grade of 8.2. Not bad. I did enjoy myself and I got rested.

Vacation = success!