Feeling Uneasy

Unease might be my least favorite feeling. It's just not enjoyable. At least when I'm angry, I'm angry at something. There is an identifiable reason why I'm upset. Or even when I'm happy there is generally a specific reason for why I am happy. But with unease there never really seems to be any one clear-cut reason why I feel that way. I don't like it. Perhaps it's because I'm a guy and I want to fix things and I can't fix that which I cannot identify, maybe it's just because unease seems to suck the color out of life, I can't be sure. But I figured since I can't figure it out, I'd write about it, that tends to be therapeutic.

I should be happy; iOS 7 came out today and I love it. I'm going out to Chick-fil-a tonight to support a great cause for some dear friends, and I'm ahead on all my work (I even started the process of brainstorming an iOS app). My wife loves me and I have friends that care deeply for me.  All of this should add up to Cam being in a good mood. But I'm not, I feel uneasy.

Perhaps it's just one of those days. That is an unsatisfying answer but it's the best I've got.