The Great To-Do List Debate

1.5a Reminders

Chances are high that you've got your own system for getting things done, in fact you probably swear by it.  You couldn't get your life organized with out app X. Well after much trial and error I've come to rest on one to-do app that I can't live without: Reminders. "WHAT?! Reminders?? You mean that stock Apple app? That's not sexy! Why don't you use (insert your favorite app here)?"

Yes, I do mean that stock Apple App and I love it. just works.

When I first started out with a smart phone back in the day I used Evernote for everything, even my to-do lists, I was naive. From Evernote I made my way to Toodledo, which was ok but it didn't last long, as it's functionality just didn't vibe with me.

My next attempted solution was just to use the calendar on my phone. I used both Agenda Calendar and Tempo Calendar at certain points but this was just a mess. Calendars are meant to handle events, not to-do items. Entering individual to-do items in a calendar is clunky and time consuming. I dropped this approach quickly.

After this I moved on to Orchestra, which I really liked. It was my favorite solution up until they stopped supporting it. #sigh

From there I tried FinishEverest, and Producteev.

Then out of desperation I gave Reminders a try and I fell in love. It syncs across my phone, iPad and MacBook Air, it has time and location-based reminders, it supports multiple lists, has a today view, and it's free. It's simple, fast, and convenient. Plus it lets me have one less app on my phone, which helps keep my life a little bit more simple. Less is more friends.

Reminders does everything I need from a to-do app, you should definitely give it a try.

What app(s) do you use to get your stuff done?? Let us know in the comments!


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