theSWITCH in Review #4 - Seniors Own theSWITCH

Date: July 15

Theme for the night: Seniors Own theSWITCH.  Everything that happened at theSWITCH was planned out by the Senior class.


Game: Water Balloon Mayhem.  What started out as well intended, organized water balloon games quickly turned into chaos....which is exactly what should happen when a ton of water balloons meet up with teenagers.  Highlight of this part of the evening: seeing one of our sponsors running for her life while being chased by two teenagers with a cooler filled with water. They lost, she won.

Lesson: The seniors held a Q&A session about all things high school.  I wasn't sure how this was going to go but honestly, it went great.  The panel lasted about 50 minutes and it was question after question.  The seniors did a great job answering the questions, even some of the more difficult ones.  They were open and honest and in the end imparted some serious wisdom to our younger students.

We used Polleverywhere again to facilitate the Q&A and it went very smoothly. I love Polleverywhere because it's free, simple, and gives people the ability to ask difficult questions they might otherwise shy away from.  Here is a sampling of questions from last night:

  • What was your best memory from high school?
  • Who are the good teachers sophomore year?
  • Do you feel you went through high school being the person you wanted to be? if not, why?
  • Do you regret dating in high school? Why or why not?
  • What do you regret NOT doing?
  • How do you plan on staying strong in your faith during college?
  • Were you ever invited to parties that pressured you into drinking?  Any advice?


Worship Songs:

In Christ Alone

One Thing Remains

Sing to the King



Overall Thoughts:  The seniors did a GREAT job owning theSWITCH.  They shared some great advice to our younger students and had fun doing it.  So proud of them!


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