theSWITCH in Review #3

Date: June 10th

Theme for the night: Freshmen Own theSWITCH.  Everything that happened at theSWITCH was planned out by the Freshmen class.

Game: Elbow Tag.  The game consists of pairs, hooked together at the elbow, forming a large circle.  The chaser chases the chasee around the circle.  To escape being tagged the chasee then hooks on to an existing pair.  The person on the opposite end of the trio is then the chasee.

If the chaser tags the chasee, the roles are reversed.  Game play continues until exhaustion, or in our case this week, blisters.

Lesson: This weeks lesson was all about temptation.  We opened with the video below to grab the students attention and to discuss the potential consequences of giving in to temptation.  From here we turned to Matthew 4, the story of Jesus' temptation in the desert.

[tentblogger-youtube O7eQKSf0LmY]

Temptation can come in so many packages, a lot of them not necessarily inherently evil, so being consciously aware of our motivations and decisions is of paramount importance.

We closed with the video below, just a subtle, and humorous, reminder that the enemy really does want to ruin us and that we need to be on our guard, looking out for temptation lurking in the wings.  (Thanks to Josh Griffin for posting this video last week, perfect timing bro.)

[tentblogger-youtube jaHHF9clnjQ]


Worship Songs:

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)

Jesus Paid it All

Mighty to Save


Overall Thoughts:  It was a fun night.  We had a smaller group, but that allowed for more personal discussion, which I'm a big fan of.  I'm glad that the freshmen wanted to talk more about temptation.  What a great reminder that temptation is a very present reality to our students today.