There is a Castle in Colorado...

IMG_0843 Nestled away in the backwoods of central Colorado is Bishop's Castle. The whole thing, which is always being added to, has been built by one guy. It's at once awe-inspiring and terrifying.

One could easily fall to their death, in fact his son did just that while working on the dragon head you see in the picture.

What amazes me the most about Bishop's Castle is the dedication that this man has to continue to work on the same project every day, rain or shine. I have yet to develop the ability to focus on something long term. When I get bored I want to move on to the next new exciting thing.  The amount of books I have only read the first half of is embarrasing.

I know I'll never have a life-long project like this castle, which is a good thing I think, but I would like to learn how to get better at maintaining focus for the long haul.

How do you maintain focus and discipline when things get hard or boring?