Summer Blues

It's warm outside, the sun is shining bright, the pools are packed, and the A/C rages indefinitely...yes, it's summer, my least favorite season.  I don't mind the sunshine or the A/C, it's the humidity and the instantaneous sweat that drives me nuts.  And don't even get me started on the summer seasonal 'beers'...who puts lemonade in a beer!? I know I'm in the minority here but summer really gives me the blues more than any other season. I spend more time indoors during the summer than any other season, which certainly sounds counter intuitive but it's true. I'm firmly against sweating for no reason. If I have to sweat just to breathe then it is officially too hot outside to do anything.

I think another aspect of the summer blues, for me at least, is the inconsistency of schedule. I, whether I like it or not, am a creature of habit and the summer is the most topsy-turvy season of them all. Consistency is a pipe dream due to vacations, trips, holidays, and the pervading lax attitude most people assume during this season.

I know I'm in the minority here, I don't expect most people to resonate with this post. But for my own good I have to get it out. I've got to combat the summer blues by writing about them. I realize that the summer has just begun and my disdain for the oppressive heat will only grow over the coming weeks but I find solace in the fact that Fall will be here eventually; bonfires, camping, cigars, reading in my hammock, leaves turning, coffee on the deck in the morning...yes, it will be here sooner than I expect.

So for those of you that love the summer, enjoy your time in the sun. I'll be holed up, inside, awaiting the coming beauty of the Fall.