Storyline 2.0


I just started working through Storyline 2.0 by Donald Miller and this section on love and free will from the intro really caught my attention: "Controlling people get what they want by being manipulative.  Controlling people, though, have a hard time feeling loved.  Even though they can scare people into staying with them, deep down they know the love isn't authentic.  To have real love, you have to allow the person to walk away.  If they stay then the love is sincere and if they go, it's a sad loss but the truth is the person just didn't love them back.

Love is all about risk and it's not for the faint of heart.  A controlling person is driven by fear, not strength...Now, here's a truth that may surprise you: God isn't afraid and so God isn't controlling.  He actually gives people the opportunity to walk away.  This is the only way God can have a sincere, authentic and loving relationship with his creation.  And that is why the world is such a troubling place....And even though mankind walked away, God still loves us.  So what does a perfectly loving being do when the object of his desire walks away? 

He goes after them."




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