Space to Think

One of the biggest factors in being productive while at work is being comfortable in your environment.  Nothing stifles creativity, progress and success like a poor atmosphere.  (Too much noise, not enough noise, too much walk-by traffic, too much light, uncomfortable chair, cramped space, etc.) This can even be applied to the furniture in your office.  Now before you think I'm going to get all weird on you know that I am not talking about Feng Shui, I'm talking about space, design and perspective.  As the son of an Interior Designer I'd like to think I got the gene as well...even if my mom hasn't said so.


I've gone through at least 5 office configurations in the last 20 months...and I finally found the one that works for me.  It handles the dead space in front of the door very well, separates my desk workspace from my relaxing space, allows all my books to be in one location, and allows for storage as well.  And it feels GREAT.  I'm actually eager to get to my office in the morning because when I'm in my office I feel good, I feel like I can comfortably and efficiently get work done.  It fits my needs and personality well, whereas previous iterations of my office setup did not.  As a result, I feel ready to think, ready to create, and ready to execute the plans of the day.


What encourages comfort and efficiency where you work?  In what atmosphere's do you think and create the best?