I just finished shoveling my driveway which was covered in about a foot of snow.  As I was shoveling I had a thought, how cool is this!? Not what you thought I was going to say right?  I certainly am not a huge fan of shoveling snow but the whole concept of the seasons and what snow does for us is pretty cool to think about.

This snow, which is inconvenient now, will melt and it will serve as a much needed 'drink' for the ground which will be preparing itself for spring.  And as we all know spring is when the plants start to bloom, the crops are planted, and everything starts to look pretty again.

It just seems pretty clever to me that God chose to use snow, which is beautiful in its own right, to help kickstart the beauty of spring.  So when you're out and about this coming spring don't forget to take a moment and thank God for the snow that helped make this spring as beautiful as it is going to be.