Sermon Prep

There is something special that happens when you spend the week in preparation for a sermon.  Something about engrossing yourself in a specific passage of scripture for an extended period of time that just feels right.  It makes me wonder why I don't do this every week.  Which makes no sense really because I teach every Sunday, except this Sunday I'm preaching in the main church service and not the youth service.  So the preparation is different along with the delivery.  But why do I spend way more time in preparation for a sermon than I do for a Sunday school lesson? Part of the answer lies in the fact that a youth lesson and a sermon are two different animals.  One is aimed at discussion while the other is a lecture.  So I have to plan to talk a LOT more in a sermon.  I also think part of the answer lies in that this is only my 3rd time preaching at FBC so there is some definite excitement and push to prepare the absolute best I can.  And I think part lies in the fact that I've become comfortable with teaching the youth and I've perhaps stopped pushing myself in that area.  And that bothers me.

I'm ok with the first two reasons because I feel they are legitimate.  But the third reason is not ok.  Catching yourself in complacency is never fun, but it is certainly a chance to change.  My goal as a youth pastor is to consistently deliver the message of Christ to my students by what I say and do, and if I'm slacking in preparation for Sunday school, and therefore probably the delivery as well, am I really doing my job to the best of my ability?  No.  And that's not ok.

Here's to change and conviction.