See You @ the Pole

So today high school and middle school students from coast to coast met at their school's flag poles for a time of worship and prayer, how cool is that!?  Think about it, thats probably millions of students all on the same day coming together and raising their collective voices to worship God and to pray for their peers, teachers, families, and country. At our local high school there were 50 kids gathered!!  This was so cool, I was blown away by how many kids decided to show up and participate.  The flag pole is located right next to the main entrance, so as we were singing and praying everyone who walked by heard us...and we got a lot of strange looks, which is awesome!  I hope that the students that were around the flag pole get asked over and over again the same question today:

'what in the world were you doing?'

What a great opportunity to share the gospel with somebody!

If you think about it today, lift up the high school students in your area in prayer today, in fact, why not take a minute right now and pray for them!