Questions from 'sex and dating' Q&A

I wanted to post some video from last night's 'sex and dating' Q&A but our video camera was shut off by somebody...grrrrrr.  

So I've decided to post some of the questions that were asked by our students last night.  Hopefully this will give you a little insight into what our teenagers are dealing with everyday and how you as a parent or youth worker can offer wisdom to the students in your life.

"How far is too far in the mind set of a guy?"

"Is it OK to have random safe make outs?  or is that just asking for something more to happen?"

"Is it worth the wait?"

"What should you do if your parents don't like your boy/girl friend?"

"When is it time to call it quits in your relationship?"

"Is being physically attracted important for a relationship?"

"Can you explain the difference between love and lust?

"What if I've already messed up?"

"Should you kiss in public or not?"

"Is married life boring?"

"Should you continue friendships with people that are constantly focused on the opposite sex?"

"Should you try to stay friends with someone after a break up or go your separate ways?"

"How are you supposed to pick up the pieces after someone you thought you loved has hurt you so bad?"


By all accounts, last night was both really fun and really engaging.  The students were engaged and our sponsors did a great job answering the questions honestly, scripturally and personally.  We laughed a lot but we also learned a lot.  We'll definitely do this again.




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