@pressgram, The Instagram Killer


Pressgram is the best app you don't have on your phone...yet. I'm hoping after you read this post and do some investigating you'll realize just what a game changer Pressgram is.

So, what is Pressgram?

In short, Pressgram is the Instagram killer. What's more, and revolutionary, is that with Pressgram you own all of your content and your photos are posted directly to your WordPress site.  This means that Instagram and Facebook don't own your awesome, creative photos (ok, your selfies too) and you get all of the page views that Instagram has been stealing from you.

Pressgram will allow you to share your photos via social media as well, so you aren't going to lose your audience; you'll just be sending them to your site, collecting those precious page views, which is fantastic.

Check out the blog!

Own Your Work

Back to the ownership thing for a second. How sad is it that every photo on Instagram isn't owned by the person who took it? I've seen some incredible photos on Instagram and it really sucks that the people who took them are sacrificing the ownership of their art and they aren't even getting paid for it. These people are sacrificing their work and some, if not most, aren't even aware they are doing this despite the huge uproar the new TOS made awhile back.

Pressgram is free and will always remain a delivery service of your work, you will always own it. Why would you give your art away for free to a corporation when you can own it and showcase it on your terms?


I'm convinced that Pressgram is going to change the landscape, it's a grassroots revolution that is going strong...and it hasn't even been released to the public yet!  That's right, we're still a few weeks away from launch but I've been following this project since it's Kickstarter campaign. I know the creator and fully believe in him and this project. I've been waiting months for Pressgram to drop and I will continue to wait because I believe in it.

Those that have been using the Alpha and Beta versions of Pressgram have already seen an increase in traffic to their sites and are loving the experience. Plus they own their work!!! I can't get over this part.

Instagram can suck it. I want to own my work, to showcase it on my site, and share it on my own terms.

Follow the epic story of Pressgram on their blog so you know when Pressgram will drop. Seriously, John has done such an amazing job of sharing the process and story of this project, it's hard not to feel a deep part of it.

I hope you use Pressgram, I'm confident it will be a benefit to you and your creative work.


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