New Photo Workflows for @WorkflowHQ

After Workflow released version 1.1 I got to work reading about the changes and checking out example workflows that beta testers had been hard at work on before the public release. Viticci killed it, as always. I love that Workflow so easily allows us to share our workflows, and that those workflows can be customized and changed to our unique specifications. So here are my 3 newest workflows, all of which center around taking pictures.

First up is the Front-Back Picture Merge.

This workflow prompts you to take a selfie, then to take a photo with the rear facing camera. It resizes the images and combines them horizontally, allowing you to then edit the new combo image and share it if you'd like. This workflow is great for sharing the context of a selfie, for vacations, concerts, road trips and I'm sure countless other situations.

You can of course change when you edit the photos, which cameras are used and in what order and so on. If you come up with a different iteration of this idea I'd love to see it!

Next is the Daily Photo workflow.

This workflow prompts you to take a photo, edit it, and then is automatically saved to an album of your choice. This is nothing fancy. What is cool about this workflow, however, is once you create an action in Launch Center Pro out of it you can schedule it to repeat daily at a specific time. Mine is set for 8:30pm, as that is when I'm usually up to something other than the day job.

The Daily Photo workflow then goes hand in hand with the Daily Image GIF workflow.

This workflow will grab the last 30 days worth of photos from your Daily Photo album, which you use with the Daily Photo workflow, and create a GIF out of them to share. This offers a unique way to share your last month's evening activities, if you desire.

You could esasily turn this into a selfie time-lapse if you want by changing the camera setting to 'front' in the Daily Photo workflow. It can be interesting to see how your appreance changes over the course of a month, or longer if you want.

All in all, these workflows are not mind-bending but they are fun and potentially even useful. They grew out of my desire to fiddle with some of the new features in version 1.1 of Workflow. I hope you like them!

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