On Patience and Growing Up

I'm making a concerted effort to write more.

It's something that I love to do but have been neglecting over the past two years in pursuit of other things (video making and podcasting). No more! Writing is my first and true love when it comes to creativity and expression. So I'm forcing myself to write on a regular basis and publish the results either here or on my Medium page depending on the topic. 

This selection contains some very underdeveloped thoughts on patience and growing up. I really want to dig more into these topics but in the spirit of putting my thoughts out there, here we go.

Patience is a seemingly never ending struggle for me, and perhaps that's the irony of life: patience is only an issue until you have been patient long enough for it to no longer be one. 

Life often seem better on the other side, in someone elses shoes, if you only had that one thing, but the reality is that it's not. No matter what happens you will still be there on the other side, even if you get that thing you think will solve your issues, you still remain and as far as I can tell the only thing that can solve the problems that you have is you. 

You may recieve wisdom from someone else but no one can change you fundamentally and basically other than yourself. Circumstances don't change you, they reveal who you really are. So if you are in a circumstance and it shows you someone you don't like then you have two options: ignore the real problem and medicate or have the audacity to admit that you have things to work on and actually work on them. It's a choice we must all make, regularly...the choice to grow up. 

Growing up isn't about money, power, or possessions, it is the ability to look in the mirror and deeply know the person looking back at you. To know their faults, their stengths, their desires, and their fears...to be self-aware in a way that shuns pride and hubris and welcomes the grind of admitting and working out one's issues. In a sense, growing up is about the acknowledgement of our issues and the ever-present desire to understand them, the motives we have that hide behind the emotions. In a word, growing up is refinement. 

LifeCam Brennan